Quality Glossary

70 70 knots per inch. Nepal. 100% Tibetan wool. 80 80 knots per inch. Nepal. All fibers except silk. 100 100 knots per inch. Nepal. All fibers. 150 150 knots per inch. Nepal. All fibers. PW Phoenix Weave. Nepal. This method was awarded Patent No.:US 8,794,270 B2. The hard twisted wool for this quality is triple dyed and washed in small pot batches to enhance the natural color variations. The variegated color and enhanced texture also gives the collection a sophisticated, yet casual, look along with a unique character varying from piece to piece. TK Twisted Knot. Nepal. 100% hand-carded single ply Tibetan wool, silk. Employs a triple wash/triple dye process, resulting in a varied color saturation and unique texture. ANT Antique Weave India. 100% New Zealand wool timeless 11 / 11 knotting technique.

Special Quality Descriptions

TXT1 Texture 1. Blended qualities of wool, viscose, linen and/ or hemp TXT2 Texture 2. Blended qualities as listed above, including nettle.